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●Lesson slides

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●Lesson slides


Lesson1:What is her name?

Lesson2:This is my sister.

Lesson3:They are our neighbors.

Lesson4:This is our laundry room.

Lesson5:These are coloring pens.

Lesson6:You look tired.

Lesson7:It is small and beautiful.

Lesson8:She walks the dog every day.

Lesson9:Where can I find a pet shop around here?

Lesson10:Unit Review


Lesson1:What is your nationality?

Lesson2:I live in Tokyo.

Lesson3:I get up at 5 o’clock.

Lesson4:I like watching TV.

Lesson5:We play soccer once a week.

Lesson6:How high is Mt.Fuji?

Lesson7:What day is it today?

Lesson8:When do you play tennis?

Lesson9:Which is the fourth month of the year?

Lesson10:Unit Review


Lesson1:My birthday is on the 15th of June.

Lesson2:What’s the weather like today?

Lesson3:My grandfather’s name is Joe.

Lesson4:I’m a part-time salescleark.

Lesson5:I want to buy a gift for her.

Lesson6:How often do you go shopping?

Lesson7:I need some apples.

Lesson8:Do you do the laundry?

Lesson9:Unit Review

Lesson10:Book Review



●Lesson slides


Lesson1:How many eggs do you eat a day?

Lesson2:Are there any tomatoes in the fridge?

Lesson3:Whose sun umbrella is it?

Lesson4:Do you want coffee or tea?

Lesson5:What do you do on Sundays?

Lesson6:Is she playing computer games?

Lesson7:He is fixing my bicycle.

Lesson8:Do you like playing volleyball?

Lesson9:Mrs. Sato cooks foof for the family.

Lesson10:Unit Review


Lesson1:It’s much cooler than mine.

Lesson2:He is the tallest in the campus.

Lesson3:But I think Arabic is more difficult.

Lesson4:I sometimes read science fiction at weekends.

Lesson5:It’s going to rain soon.

Lesson6:What gift are you going to send me?

Lesson7:Did you forget to water the plants?

Lesson8:What did you do in Hawaii?

Lesson9:Mr. Sato didn’t set the alarm clock.

Lesson10:Unit Review


Lesson1:Can you speak multiple lauguages?

Lesson2:What other languages can she speak?

Lesson3:I always listen to her attentively.

Lesson4:Esta skates very carelessly.

Lesson5:Will it rain tomorrow?

Lesson6:We will probably go there on July 12th.

Lesson7:Were you playing games last night?

Lesson8:Esta felt under the weather.

Lesson9:Unit Review

Lesson10:Book Review



●Lesson slides


Lesson1:I am going to prepare my résumé.

Lesson2:I made my résumé last week.

Lesson3:I can compose poems and short stories.

Lesson4:She works with the graphic design team.

Lesson5:How long does it take to finish one project.

Lesson6:Let’s sing karaoke on Saturday!

Lesson7:My first day starts on the 26th of this month.

Lesson8:I’m planning to book a tour around the city.

Lesson9:Bo and Aya’s New Journey

Lesson10:Unit Review


Lesson1:I work carefully to help clients establish their design needs.

Lesson2:The first day was overwhelming.

Lesson3:I will be meeting some VIPs on Monday.

Lesson4:My projects are coming along so well.

Lesson5:Have you ever been to Kyoto?

Lesson6:I have finished the desighn proposals.

Lesson7:I have just finished the meeting with Mr. Reeves.

Lesson8:I have been working hard since I got this job.

Lesson9:Kyoto is fantastic and one of a kind.

Lesson10:Unit Review


Lesson1:This poster is as eye-catching as that billboard.

Lesson2:Could you tell me how to get to Miyako Convention?

Lesson3:Would you like to grab some drinks with me?

Lesson4:Brewers do the entire fermentation process.

Lesson5:Let’s have a coffee break together, shall we?

Lesson6:I think this coffee is best paired with plenty of cookies.

Lesson7:I had been busy last week.

Lesson8:I wish I had worked harder.

Lesson9:Aya had been taking a nap.

Lesson10:Unit Review


Lesson1:We will have finished it by next month.

Lesson2:We will have been reaching the sales target.

Lesson3:Just prepare diligently and go over all the files.

Lesson4:We have an array of portable refrigerators here.

Lesson5:Our product sales are extremely high this month.

Lesson6:You have got to know your topic well.

Lesson7:My boss Mr. Tanaka has asked me to be his representative.

Lesson8:In the future, they will see each other often.

Lesson9:Unit Review

Lesson10:Book Review.



●Lesson slides


Lesson1:If you don’t have any cash, you can…

Lesson2:If she doesn’t send it, we won’t…

Lesson3:If I woeked remotely, I would…

Lesson4:If I had gone to bed early, I woud have…

Lesson5:If I hadn’t gotten this job, I wouldn’t…

Lesson6:I did make the list.

Lesson7:Woud you like anything to drink?

Lesson8:Why don’t we go for brighter colors?

Lesson9:Write an email requesting a promotion.

Lesson10:Unit Review


Lesson1:The meeting is adjourned.

Lesson2:It is important that you always do your best.

Lesson3:You said, “Bo of Home Gizmos.”

Lesson4:Your secretary told me that you liked the brewed coffee.

Lesson5:It’s my post-celebration for being promoted.

Lesson6:It’s time to let loose.

Lesson7:I couldn’t agree with you more.

Lesson8:We have concerns regarding the location.

Lesson9:A memo requesting the additional budget.

Lesson10:Unit Review.


Lesson1:Whatever we do, we must put safety first.

Lesson2:We will be back before 9 o’clock.

Lesson3:It was Lina who had it all planned out.

Lesson4:The project that you recently finished was superb.

Lesson5:My job is both satisfying and rewarding.

Lesson6:It is favorable, rewarding, and beneficial.

Lesson7:Perhaps we could still assist you in expanding your market.

Lesson8:I apoligize for the trouble.

Lesson9:Write an apology email.

Lesson10:Review Lesson


Lesson4:You should thank yourselves for…

Lesson2:I feel like buying that mini humidifier.

Lesson3:I heard him talking to a customer a while ago.

Lesson4:I am getting used to it.

Lesson5:Reading the report, do you think she is qualified for…?

Lesson6:The result being detarmined, I can’t wait to share it with you.

Lesson7:May I know your thoughts on it?

Lesson8:Sorry for interrupting, may I raise my concern?

Lesson9:I would be very grateful if you could…

Lesson10:Review Lesson


Lesson1:Never had I thought you would be leaving.

Lesson2:There might be some mistakes.

Lesson3:It’s the department leader who evaluates our performance.

Lesson4:Suddenly, the photocopier stopped working.

Lesson5:Both countries are open to immigrants.

Lesson6:If you have any questions, kindly check this manual.

Lesson7:You have made my stay here memorable.

Lesson8:I would like to inform you that I am resigning.

Lesson9:Unit Review

Lesson10:Book Review