Daily English

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LESSON1: I make my bed
LESSON2: Did you take a shower
LESSON3: You’re a good cook
LESSON4: Don’t forget to clear the table
LESSON5: Who is that man?
LESSON6: I can’t stand it
LESSON7: I like swimming
LESSON8: I would like you to meet my mom
LESSON9: Go to the supermarket
LESSON10: It’s windy today
LESSON11: Review

LESSON1: Does this bus go to Aeon Mall?
LESSON2: How much does a head of lettuce cost?
LESSON3: I feel so upset
LESSON4: Are you free today?
LESSON5: I was impressed with the movie
LESSON6: I am hungry
LESSON7: Let’s go shopping
LESSON8: Do you like novels?
LESSON9: Where is the barber shop?
LESSON10: How do I get to the train station?
LESSON11: Review

LESSON1: I’m late for my class
LESSON2: I didn’t do my homework
LESSON3: I’m smarter than you
LESSON4: Swimming is good exercise
LESSON5: I sweat when I’m hot
LESSON6: I play the piano
LESSON7: I don’t have enough money
LESSON8: I used to work in a fast-food restaurant
LESSON9: When do you start?
LESSON10: I want to go on vacation
LESSON11: Review

LESSON1: This is a very nice place
LESSON2: Have you ever been to Mt.Fuji?
LESSON3: How long does it take by train from Tokyo to Mt.Fuji?
LESSON4: It’s my camera
LESSON5: I left my ID card
LESSON6: I had a bad day
LESSON7: I saw her at the museum
LESSON8: Tell me about your trip
LESSON9: Was it your first time skiing?
LESSON10: The water faucet didn’t work
LESSON11: Review

LESSON1: Can you recommend something for my headache?
LESSON2: You should take medicine
LESSON3: Don’t forget your medicine
LESSON4: I broke my friend’s iPod
LESSON5: I’m sorry about your iPod
LESSON6: I will be more careful
LESSON7: I got nervous
LESSON8: There was an earthquake
LESSON9: Can you give me some advice?
LESSON10: Thank you for your advice 
LESSON11: Review  

LESSON1: Feel free to use the TV
LESSON2: Looks delicious  
LESSON3: Let me do the dishes  
LESSON4: He looks like his father  
LESSON5: Teach me how to play the guitar  
LESSON6: The TV is too loud  
LESSON7: Turn down the TV  
LESSON8: Don’t be sad  
LESSON9: Why don’t we eat out  
LESSON10: Take me to the mall  
LESSON11: Review

LESSON1: How much is this
LESSON2: These shoea are very expensive  
LESSON3: You should try some local food  
LESSON4: It makes me feel good  
LESSON5: I always meet my friends  
LESSON6: It’s time for a walk  
LESSON7: I’m insterested in sports  
LESSON8: How high is Mt. Fuji?  
LESSON9: I lived there for ten years  
LESSON10: We are on our way to the bus station  
LESSON11: Review    

LESSON1: He has been working two jobs  
LESSON2: You must be smart  
LESSON3: My work is interesting  
LESSON4: I’m afraid I won’t finish my article  
LESSON5: The Sherlock Holmes series was written by Arthur Conan Doyle  
LESSON6: I’m looking forward to reading your articles
LESSON7: Congratulations on your achievement  
LESSON8: I want to have a well-paid job  
LESSON9: You’re expected to call your university  
LESSON10: I am here to support you
LESSON11: Review

LESSON1: I don’t feel like eating  
LESSON2: My pants are stained  
LESSON3: Would you mind repeating that, please?  
LESSON4: I know who your host family is  
LESSON5: Where is the post office?  
LESSON6: I’m in trouble  
LESSON7: What happened on your way home?  
LESSON8: The windows need to be cleaned  
LESSON9: If it rains, I won’t water the plants  
LESSON10: I hurt my elbow  
LESSON11: Review    

LESSON1: I almost forgot her birthday  
LESSON2: Will you call her on her birthday?  
LESSON3: First, get the country code  
LESSON4: I sent you a birthday card  
LESSON5: My boss is nice  
LESSON6: I’m not into concerts  
LESSON7: It’s the best concert I’ve ever been to
LESSON8: I like traveling. So do I.  
LESSON9: It is an interesting movie, isn’t it?
LESSON10: Children’s Day is a day when Japanese families have parties in honor of their children
LESSON11: Review


LESSON1: My love of singing developed when I was a child
LESSON2: My fear of flying made traveling difficult
LESSON3: His reputation for lying is well-known  
LESSON4: His habit of smoking causes him many problems
LESSON5: The main reason for taking this course was to improve my language skills  
LESSON6: She’s friendly to all the people in the neighborhood  
LESSON7: I’m scared of watching horror movies  
LESSON8: My boss is not happy with my performance
LESSON9: He is responsible for designing the entire project  
LESSON10: I’m good at English 
LESSON11: Review    

LESSON1: I’m frightened about meeting her now  
LESSON2: She sounded convincing to the clients  
LESSON3: I find it challenging  
LESSON4: The place was really fascinating  
LESSON5: The process was really annoying
LESSON6: I feel exhausted after working long hours
LESSON7: I was absolutely devastated to see lots of houses destroyed by the typhoon  
LESSON8: I just heard some depressing news
LESSON9: Do you want to hear an amusing stroy?
LESSON10: I was disappointed with the performance of the English team
LESSON11: Review 

LESSON1: Finding a parking space is quite difficult in this area  
LESSON2: We love going on vacation  
LESSON3: I look forward to meeting your friend  
LESSON4: Let’s go skiing next weekend  
LESSON5: Do you snore while sleeping?  
LESSON6: To drive a car requires good vision  
LESSON7: She hopes to get a promotion this year  
LESSON8: My colleague asked me to send a fax to the customer
LESSON9: He watched the thieves steal a car  
LESSON10: You must work hard  
LESSON11: Review 

LESSON1: If there is no rain, the grass doesn’t grow  
LESSON2: When it rains, my roof leaks  
LESSON3: If you help me with these bags, I will make you a delicious dinner
LESSON4: If Ben gets up early, he can catch the bus  
LESSON5: If I had taken the bus, I would have been late  
LESSON6: If I went to a friend’s house for dinner, I usually took a bottle of wine or some flowers  
LESSON7: If I had a lot of money, I wouldn’t stay here
LESSON8: If I spoke English well, I would have gotten a better job  
LESSON9: I wish I could afford a new car  
LESSON10: I wish I were ten years younger  
LESSON11: Review    

LESSON1: The woman who live next door is my English teacher
LESSON2: The thief stole the car that I rented  
LESSON3: I was annoyed with the man who sat next to me on the plane  
LESSON4: That restaurant is an expensive place where rich people dine  
LESSON5: February is the month when people give presents to the ones they love  
LESSON6: What he said was a lie  
LESSON7: She knew what she felt  
LESSON8: He was interested in what she had to say  
LESSON9: You can call him what you want
LESSON10: The fact that the earthquake destroyed a lot of buildings is affecting the entire town
LESSON11: Review