Time to Talk

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LESSON1: Snow myths that will surprise you
LESSON2: Why is it snowing?
LESSON3: Edelweiss
LESSON4: Pinocchio -a story of a boy who always told lies
LESSON5: Does the nose really grow when you tell a lie?
LESSON6: Can you spot a liar?
LESSON7: The old elephant’s dream
LESSON8: Elephant -what’s the use of its nose?
LESSON9: Elephants in Thailand
LESSON10: Chopsticks
LESSON11: History of chopsticks
LESSON12: Chopsticks vs Cutlery
LESSON13: a Christmas letter from Max to Anna
LESSON14: Who is Santa Claus?
LESSON15: Australia celebrates Christmas in summer
LESSON16: The history of ice cream
LESSON17: The ice cream cone
LESSON18: The most expensive ice cream in the world
LESSON19: The history of robots
LESSON20: What can robots do?
LESSON21: The robot fish
LESSON22: The history of disney
LESSON23: Finding Nemo (1)
LESSON24: Finding Nemo (2)
LESSON25: Say no to eating junk
LESSON26: Junk food all over the world
LESSON27: Why do I find this food yummy but my friend finds it yucky?
LESSON28: Why do dolphins whistle?
LESSON29: Dolphin shows
LESSON30: Are dolphins happy in the dolphinarium?


LESSON1: Kabang the Hero (1)
LESSON2: Kabang the Hero (2)
LESSON3: Man’s best friend
LESSON4: Why stars twinkle
LESSON5: Why we cannot see the stars during the daytime
LESSON6: The sun -our nearest star
LESSON7: The history of football
LESSON8: Be a good sport
LESSON9: Popular extreme sports
LESSON10: A perfect pair
LESSON11: Three kinds of friends
LESSON12: Why we need friends
LESSON13: What is bullying?
LESSON14: The story of Abbie
LESSON15: Say no to bullying
LESSON16: How we communicate
LESSON17: Sign language
LESSON18: The language of dots
LESSON19: Fun facts about flamingos
LESSON20: Why flamingos are pink
LESSON21: Pink flamingo day
LESSON22: Renewable energy
LESSON23: The problem of plastic
LESSON24: Learning about global warming
LESSON25: Roll, roll, roll
LESSON26: The power of steam
LESSON27: Driverless Cars
LESSON28: Strange festivals -the Bun Festival
LESSON29: Strange festivals -La Tomatina
LESSON30: Strange festivals -Monkey Buffet Festival


LESSON1: Helpful hobbies
LESSON2: Good hobbies for teens
LESSON3: Unusual hobbies
LESSON4: Emojis as the new language
LESSON5: The most popular emoji
LESSON6: Emoticons
LESSON7: History of birthdays
LESSON8: The myth of cake and candles
LESSON9: Birthday traditions around the world
LESSON10: Stars in the sea
LESSON11: The biggest animal on the earth
LESSON12: The only male to give birth
LESSON13: Ahchoo!
LESSON14: What gives you goosebumps?
LESSON15: Funny burps
LESSON16: The meaning of colors (1)
LESSON17: What colors mean (2)
LESSON18: Understanding color blindness
LESSON19: Good manners
LESSON20: More manners to remember
LESSON21: Table manners
LESSON22: Queen Elizabeth II
LESSON23: Queen Victoria
LESSON24: King Henry VIII
LESSON25: Greece -cradle of Western culture
LESSON26: The Netherlands -a small giant
LESSON27: Sweeden -the best country on the earth?
LESSON28: The statue of liberty
LESSON29: The Eiffel Tower
LESSON30: The Sydney Opera House