SDGs Topic Conversation (SDG Topic)

Lesson1:No Poverty1
Lesson2:No Poverty 2
Lesson3:Zero Hunger1
Lesson4:Zero Hunger2
Lesson5:Health and Well-being1
Lesson6:Good Health and Well-being2
Lesson7:Quality Education1
Lesson8:Quality Education2
Lesson9:Gender Equality1
Lesson10:Gender Equality2
Lesson11:Clean Water and Sanitation1
Lesson12:Clean Water and Sanitation2
Lesson13:Affordable and Clean Energy1
Lesson14:Affordable and Clean Energy2
Lesson15:Decent Work and Economic Growth1
Lesson16:Decent Work and Economic Growth2
Lesson17:Industry Innovation and Infrastructure1
Lesson18:Industry Innovation and Infrastructure2
Lesson19:Reduced Inequalities1
Lesson20:Reduced Inequalities2
Lesson21:Sustainable Cities and Communities1
Lesson22:Sustainable Cities and Communities2
Lesson23:Responsible Comsumption and Production1
Lesson24:Responsible Comsumption and Production2
Lesson25:Climate Action1
Lesson26:Climate Action2
Lesson27:Life Below Water1
Lesson28:Life Below Water2
Lesson29:Life on Land1
Lesson30:Life on Land2
Lesson31:Peace Justice and Strong Institutions1
Lesson32:Peace Justice and Strong Institutions2
Lesson33:Partnerships for the Goals1
Lesson34:Partnerships for the Goals2